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Product : NHP Series Panel Saw
NHP series panel saw is a high precision cut saw supported by 30 years of operation to complete the high level of safety and handling.

  • Safety
  • handling
  • cut-face
  • perpendicularity
  • precision retention structure

These five themes are integrated into the NHP series perpendicular cut saw with our unique capability of development and technology. The rigid structure of NHP series panel saw is guaranteed for high precision cut.
Several optional accessories are available on 1. main shaft, 2. delay-start speed, 3. cutting thickness, 4. movable gauge, and 5. saw table dimension.

Advantages of NHP Series Panel Saw

  • The machine provides a stiff structural frame to keep precision machining.
  • The sliding surface of the saw table is made of cast iron dovetail groove integrated structure for vibration absorption and burr prevention on cut face.
  • The box type horizontal rail provides sufficient stiffness against heavy member.
  • The saw blade unit is balanced with weight via chain.
    Sliding surface maintains steady running speed with automatic oil feed.
  • saw position is adjustable with a handle for each member producing no burr.
  • The buzz saw jumps in and out only during cutting and the blade operates inside the material clamp for safety
  • Delay-start speed is adjustable with a handle to accord with each member.
    Quality cut face is obtainable on various members by adjusting the transfer speed and blade.
  • Adjustable Bakelite is used on the dead plate to prevent the friction wear.
    Worn dead plate is adjustable
  • Saw return position is adjustable when cutting a short member to reduce waiting time for efficiency

NHP Series Panel Saw

NHP-5 (Standard)NHP-7 (w/ option)

NHP-5 (Standard) NHP-7 (w/ option)

NHP-7 (w/ option)NHP-7TDS (w/ option)

NHP-3000D (w/ option) NHP-7TDS (w/ option)


1. High power box type horizontal gauge5. Saw table grooving for thin panel
2. Through rack gauge6. High power mains shaft motor 5.5kw or 7.5kw
3. Vertical gauge w/ digital measurer7. Cut speed inverter controller
4. Computer controlled automatic gauge8. Main shaft motor inverter rotation controller

Specification of NHP Series Panel Saw

Cut length m/m1,5501,8502,1502,4502,7503,050
Left gauge valid cut width m/m1,4001,8002,1002,4002,7003,000
Cut thickness m/m30*
Cut speed m/minInverter Controlled
Shaft rotation rpm3,200(4,200)
Saw diameterφ255,φ305*
Main motor3.7kW
Transfer motor0.75 w/ brake
Weight kg1,5001,6001,7001,8501,9502,150

Cut length m/m1,4502,4502,100
Left gauge valid cut width m/m1,400Right gauge2,4002,100Right gauge2,100
Cut thickness m/m70*30*70*
Cut speed m/minInverter Controlled
Shaft rotation rpm3,200(4,200)Inverter Controlled3,200(4,200)
Saw diameterφ255, φ305, φ355φ255,φ305*305φ, 330φ305φ, 355φ
Main motor5.5kWInverter Controlled3.7kW
Transfer motor0.75 w/ brake
Weight kg1,9002,0001,7002,400

Custom order accepted for your specific needs.
Specification, photo on catalogue may be changed without prior notice for improvement
(Present spec is right side gauge)